Protect your collectible cards from counterfeiting, theft and fraud!

Protect your valuable cards today

Trading cards are vulnerable to theft & loss, hard to insure, risky to buy and sell over the internet, and exposed to loss of value from counterfeiting.

But you can protect yourself against all these problems, by logging images of your valuable cards into Vaultarch database.

We will extract a fingerprint from the fabric of your card, making it unique, and timestamped as existing today.

Take action today and lock in the future value of your cards.

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Build card provenance

"Provenance": a record of ownership of a work of art or an antique, used as a guide to authenticity or quality.

There are provenance sites today for art, vehicles, cameras, wines, diamonds and more.

They show a trail of historical ownership, and help build confidence and security in the community.

Vaultarch is a provenance site for collectable card games.

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Ask Experts to check if a card is counterfeit

You can contact Vaultarch registered experts, through Vaultarch to assess whether a card is genuine.

You may contact the expert face-to-face, or forward images of the card to online experts in Vaultarch.

The expert assessment becomes part of the history of the card. Because of the fingerprint, the assessment is valid throughout the lifetime of the card, no matter how many times it is traded.

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Insure your cards

Insurance for magic cards is difficult or impossible in many countries. We are working with insurance companies to help users to insure the cards.

An accurate record of valuable cards will demonstrate to the insurer exactly what is owned, and will allow the insurance company to price the insurance correctly.

If the worst happens, then their fate (loss, destruction or theft) can already be marked in the database so that these cards cannot be sold to dealers or collectors registered with Vaultarch.

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How to get started

More Information

We are currently in Beta phase, so do not hesitate to report any bug or issue to us.

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